If cats could wear pants then they wouldn't need people.

Unfortunately kitties have not quite evolved into the future of pants wearing conquests yet so, till that day comes, they are in need of food, shelter and loving human beings.
Thus the Los Angeles based "Kitty Pants Foster Project" is born!

While the kitties are doing their best to become complete and self-reliant "pants wearing pros," I've taken on the cause to foster a few in hopes that >>> YOU <<< - my fellow human with a heart full of love - will want to provide one or two whisker faces - a Forever Home of their own.

Please say you do!

xoxo >^..^< xoxo


Currently Fostering silly Ms. Buggy cat



FOR ARIZONA but other states and countries please read too. You can help from any amount of miles away!


ARIZONA - but other states and countries still please reblog this, like my FB page and like a comment here and there and share a status every now and then and it will save animals’ lives!


There are currently two cats at the…

Tampa, Florida is Trouble With A Capital T

Tampa’s Kill Shelter has gone insane. They really don’t want to run a No Kill, at all. They’re doing everything they can TO kill.

Last year they began limiting rescues and adopters on how many pets they can have. I think maybe for adopters this makes sense but for animal rescues - I read they’ve cut the limit to only 2 pets. I don’t know if this is annually, per month, or per visit but it makes saving animals very difficult, no matter what the stipulations are. The most recent asinine policy they’ve instated is the lack of info rule. Rescues are now no longer allowed to know information on intake, adoptions, or killings. The information is on lock down making moving pets out of this demon pet prison that much more difficult.

There’s some deep issues running in Tampa’s kill shelters but I think it’s only a symptom to a greater issue in that city. The politics in that city are very anti. I know personally, as I have family there. The run for GMO free is heavily extinguished. The run for organics and farmer’s markets is, pretty much - “shut it down.” I wouldn’t be shocked if education there isn’t totally privatized. The utilities definitely run on a gamut of providing tainted water for high costs. And, clearly, they have hearts of stone for animal welfare.

The whole region needs some very serious activist targeting. Nepotism is rampant there too. Every year I go I see something related to someone’s son in some department they didn’t earn. The leaders need some very serious vetting and shaming. But the most import issue are the animals. How the hell you could set up a blood thirsty kill program on the helpless lives of animals is unconscionable. Tampa needs a serious spanking and the animals need to be remembered and fought for…


Firefighter Enters Burning Home To Save 6-Foot-Long Snake

A whole lot of NOPE for this Take Action Tuesday!