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Have you ever wondered what the story is behind the Waving Cat statues you see in China Town or Little Tokyo?

The kitty’s name is Maneki-neko, (Ma-neh-key neh-ko) and was a working cat a long long time ago, in Japan…

The kitty represents good luck for any business owner, and anyone, really….

This particular Neko was drawn by an artist in Australia named, Articubone.

I want to share this wonderfulness. 

We’ve been desperately looking for an angel to come for Tony so he would not die alone and unloved. He was dropped off at a kill shelter at an old age. Who wants to die alone, after having all your years like that? No one. Not you, certainly not me. I wouldn’t wish it on my grandmother or any animal. 

Posh Pets Retirement Rescue - To The Rescue!!!!